Masonic Education for All

I’m not certain how often this is noticed, but I do tend to write about topics that either rub me the wrong way or rub others the wrong way. What can I say? Apparently, my writing motivation is just wired that way. Fair warning, this is a bit of a rant.

Recently, an acquaintance started a Masonic Education group. I think that this is a wonderful thing. Freemasonry tends to be a very large topic, and has a lot of nooks and crannies, sometimes the meaning of one sentence can be teased out for hours on end. I think that’s great. Any sort of intellectual conversation that is friendly, and makes you think, and challenges what you know and believe should always be encouraged in my opinion. It’s a wonderful way to further the community, as well as a great way to help people understand things in ways they might not have thought of before.

That being said. I will never attend the education group. It has nothing to do with the people running the group, or that I disagree or dislike the topics being discussed, or even that I simply don’t have the time. It’s because I’m not allowed.

Now, as many of you know, I am okay with not being allowed to become a Mason. I would simply like something similar for myself. Separate but equal. The only thing missing is the pedigree; alas, that is another post altogether.

However, I am a firm believer that Masonic education should be for everyone, both Masons, and non-Masons, as well as for men, women, and everyone in between. As it stands, Freemasonry supports this idea as well. UGLE has made a number of positive statements about the existence of the women’s Lodges. The Master Craftsman of the Scottish Rite is open to absolutely everyone. Many Annual Communications have Masonic Education breakfasts that are open. The first year that I attended an education breakfast, I was told that they would have to double-check that it was okay. When I got the go ahead, I was the only woman there. The following year, I was very happy to see other women attending.

I think that the thing that bothers me the most, is that not allowing open communication and education on Masonic topics is only furthering the issue of miscommunication about Freemasonry, not only online, but also in Lodges, and relationships. Turning inward and denying others something as simple as education hurts not only those you turn from, but also Freemasonry as a whole.

I would love to have a time where I could have an intellectual conversation about things like the symbolism used within the degrees. Yes, I understand secret work could not be discussed with non-Masons, but secret work is a very small portion of what Freemasonry is really all about. Discouraging interested non-Masons from conversing about Masonic educational topics often leads to disgruntled Google searches, which usually links either directly to ritual work, or a lot of misinformation. Education should be freely used and freely given; there are some topics that have a proper time and place, but that does not mean that someone should be denied completely. Get out there and educate yourselves!


What do you think? Does your Lodge or Masonic community have an education group? Have you ever attended? Why or why not? Do you think Masonic education should be for anyone who’s interested, or more regulated?

Other news: Be on the lookout! The Mason’s Lady will be featured on the Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction (SRNMJ) Blog later this month! I will be sure to link to it when it is posted.

Any questions or comments can be asked below, or at Have a lovely month!

Big News!

This post will be short and sweet, but I am so excited I couldn’t wait any longer! As some of you may have deduced, I’ve been working on a bit of a side project for The Mason’s Lady, and the day to reveal is finally here!

There is now a Mason’s Lady Community Facebook group! I’ve spoken with a number of ladies who feel that they are the odd ones out as far as dating a Mason, as well as some Masons who wish that their SO’s had someone to connect with over the topic; this lead to the creation of the group.

I wanted something that could supplement my blog, as well as hopefully become something more. The idea is that this is a safe place to vent, speak out, support others, and ask questions in real time. I’ve posted a few conversation starters, so lets get the ball rolling and get to know one another!

For now, the group will be simple and light. At this time, the group is closed, so that the public can only see the members, not the posts within the group. I do also have it so that any member can approve membership, hopefully I will not have to change it in the future.

2015: A Year With The Mason’s Lady

Has it really been another year already? I knew with school it would fly by fast, but wow! 2015 brought some big changes to The Mason’s Lady, including new formatting, as well as switching to a biweekly posting schedule while I am in school. I may go back to every week during the summer, time will tell. Christmas is tomorrow, and New Year’s is around the corner. The snow started early this morning, so it looks like we will be having a white Christmas here. Travis and I have taken off (but not yet registered for) Grand Lodge next year, where I will be sure to have some sort of small celebration of the 2nd birthday of the Mason’s Lady. Some topics to look out for next year include Christianity and Masonry, Masonry and Non-Christian religions, and sex (yes, sex) and Freemasonry. Of course we will continue to have posts on various Masonic education topics, and other things you should know as a  Mason or a Mason’s Lady throughout the year.


As I did last year (aren’t traditions great?) I want to use this post to stick all of the topics I went over this year in one place. You can see last year’s here.


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Looks like that’s it for this year. Have a Happy Holiday, and see you next year!





A year with The Mason’s Lady

Wow. I can’t believe that it’s been (almost) a year already! What a wonderful scotch fueled decision starting this blog turned out to be. I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who is reading this right now. You’ve helped make this happen, and I could not have done it without your continued support.

There won’t be a lot of new content in this post, instead, I wanted to revisit everything I’ve gone over these months, and kind of group them together. There’s some big changes for The Mason’s Lady in the works, and one of these changes includes a more user friendly format. I hope to have things laid out more like this in the future, but for now, I wanted to take time to look back at all the topics we’ve covered this year.

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Masonic Events

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The Weekend I Ran Away and Joined the Circus

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I was also featured on the podcast Whence Came You?, you can check out that episode here.

It sure looks like a lot when all put in the same place! As I said. I hope to redo the layout here soon (if you know anyone good, send them my way!), I will also begin to utilize the catergories on wordpress, so be sure and look out for that. This should give you a chance to catch up on anything you might of missed.

So, what does the future hold for The Mason’s Lady? I am slated to be on the Masonic Roundtable sometime in the beginning of the year, so be sure and watch out for that. I hope to write more about Masonic history, both the events that involve women, as well as those that do not. I have some interviews from non-masculine Masons that will be coming up soon, and will also be interviewing the secretary for my Grand Lodge (who is not the Grand Secretary), and talking about her with what its like to coordinate an organization she is not a member of. Over all, I hope to continue to learn, explore, and push the boundaries, and I hope you’re right there with me.