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This blog is everything that I wish I had when I first started my journey as a young woman dating a Master Mason.  I hope that it may serve to be a guidebook, answer questions that you did not know you had, and inspire you to be involved with Freemasonry alongside your Master Mason. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment, or email me at themasonslady@gmail.com

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  1. Nice work! I found your site via a Reddit post about your scotch article. I’m a Mason from Round Rock Texas, and i am giddy that you have this blog. I put it on our Lodge facebook page and immediately sent it to my wife. Thanks for your efforts. – Tom

  2. Is there a group for girls before the Rainbow Girls? I’ve heard mention of something for younger girls, I just cannot remember what it was.

    • Job’s Daughters allows members to join at 10, where Rainbow is 11, but these are separate organizations. Both may have sub-groups that allow younger members, I would recommend contacting your local chapter or bethel!

      • I just found this blog and I’m going to refer it to my own Lady and the ladies of other Masons from my lodge. There’s a ton of useful information here for a woman in that special position of being a Mason’s Lady that I am glad is being shared.

        To answer one of the above question regarding a youth group for girls younger than Rainbow age: The Rainbow organization at my Lodge in Omaha Nebraska is piloting a Rainbow Pledge program. This is intended for the younger girls like you suggest in your post.

        If you are interested, I will send you the contact information for the person coordinating this effort for the younger girls.


    • Hello MasonLady! I’m very new to your blog, less than an hour new! I love it so far! Just to put it out there, there is also a youth group for girls that only meets in the state of NY. The Organization of Triangles Inc. I’m a majority member and now a member of my local OES chapter. http://ootny.org/

      • Glad to hear you enjoy it! To be honest with you, I do not know a lot about the Organization of the Triangles, as I do not live in New York, and there is not a ton of information online; so the website resource is very much appreciated!

  3. I felt that your site was done with excellent effort and correct supportive information without sharing too much. Keep up the good work!

  4. There is a lot of good information here. Thank you.
    Just wanted you to know that the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem is open to both women and men. Their ceremonial is based mostly on the beautiful Christmas story.
    Some Rainbow assemblies have pledges, a group for younger girls ages 7-11. They have their own ritual and sometimes join the older girls for fun activities. They also learn early on to dedicate themselves to service.
    Also teenage young men may join DeMolay. Their younger group is called squires.

  5. Thank you for creating this site. I’ve been a Mason’s Lady for 3 out of my 4 years of marriage, and it definitely has been a bit of a roller coaster. We’ve made some really great friends through the process though, and despite the challenges, I’m proud to have a Mason for a husband. The biggest thing for me is to get involved in the lodge- I’m actually the secretary of our Knights of St. Andrew, Ladies Auxiliary – which is chartered through the Scottish Rite of my state. Its great to be able to socialize and get involved without some of the ritual that comes with OES (and the drama in my chapter). We don’t have the other female organizations in my area, which is sad as I’d love to learn more about them.

  6. Am trying to find if a broach I have from my grandmother of Eastern Star, and married to a Freemason, has signifience?

  7. I have a question that has come up in my husband’s masonic motorcycle group, Can Mason wives were a pin that contains the square and compass?

    • It’s not exactly against the rules, but it’s generally looked down upon for a non-Mason to wear just a square and compass. Instead look for a ladies pin, often you will find ones that are like a square and compass with a rose or slipper. Those are generally the two symbols for women in Masonry.

  8. In answer to your above question about youth groups, the Job’s Daughters have a Jobie-to-Be program for girls age 9. Generally referred to as “To-Be’s” or “Bees”, these girls get sashed and are invited to join their Bethel for every event. They sometimes have “Bee meetings” during regular Bethel Meetings, with an adult “Bee Keeper” to answer any questions they may have about joining. This allows them to interact with the other Daughters and get to know their future Jobie Sisters.

  9. le droit humane, co-freemasonry, women’s grand lodge of belgium, women’s freemasonry…yes, women can be and are freemasons.

  10. There is an old gravestone in Texas for the daughter of a mason and I was wondering if you knew what the letters BTKC and FNDOZ stand for?

    • I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, I needed to do some digging on this. From what I can find, these letters may correspond to one of two things. Either the now defunct “Mason’s Daughters and Wives” degree, or the group The Heroines of Jericho, which really only exists within Prince Hall Lodges these days.

    • Fear Not Daughter of Zion, Behold the King Cometh. Something Masons would put on the headstones of their wives and daughters.

  11. How much control does the Grand Master and Lodge have over the Grand OES Chapter/ particularly the finances? We have a new GM and he has pretty transferred money from our Grand Chapter account into the Grand Lodge. I

  12. I’ve just found you when looking at articles around what to expect from a White Table. It’s our first since my husband became a Mason 18 months ago. I’m looking forward to reading all of your insights which I hope will give me much guidance and information on how to support my husband on his Masonic journey.

  13. HI there!
    I am a fellow lodge wife and a proud one at that! We live in Kingston Jamaica and my hubby is an English Freemason. I have read a few of your articles and I love them. I’ve also requested to join the community group on Facebook. I’m excited to meet new lodge wives. 🙂

  14. I am a woman and not a member of the OES and I do not believe anyone in my family is a mason, at least not for a few generations, yet I found a beautiful star ring that I did not know was the symbol of the OES. I just thought, wow! Beautiful! 5 stones and diamonds and a star shape and engraved with 1946 as a date inside the band, so I knew it was antique. My fiance and I chose it as my wedding band for our recent elopement, and days later, while showing it off, was told that it is an OES ring. Now I am feeling like I am breaking a rule or something and need to get a new ring? Any thoughts? Please help!

  15. Kudos to you, Masons’ Lady….. keep up the good work…… your comment upthread about ” your husband is an AHole” is unfortunately too true…True too , however, is that Masonry is populated by good men , many of whom are interesting , accomplished , funny and dedicated to Masonic, and other, organizations ( volunteer fireman , church , civic org, , scouting , etc. )

  16. Thank you for this webpage for the Ladies! It can be a little intimidating navigating Masonry when you aren’t familiar with it. I love being part of Masonic events and being supportive of the guys. For ladies coming in here is my advice based on my experience coming in as a younger lady. First…respect given, respect received…Masonry is full of Tradition and deserves respect. Second…Be there for them…if they see that you are taking an interest and are supportive of them then they will warm up fast. If a Mason asks you for help with something, they usually really need it and that favour will be returned. Third…Be Helpful but not annoying…wait until you are asked to help with something. If you are itching to be involved, start with your own guy and his projects. Some of my best Masonic memories to date are by helping with projects that my guy was working on. He can’t share certain tasks with you but the community involvement projects usually are fair game. Our Lodge(s) delivered Poinsettias to Masonic widows at Christmas, my guy was organizing it and he asked if I wanted to help. I had some skills that helped streamline the job and let the guys delivering have more time to visit and coffee with the widows. It was so fun and really rewarding. Fourth…Don’t be Paranoid…Masons have their Traditions and things that they cannot share with the public to form the Brotherhood. No different from law enforcement that cannot share their cases with their spouses, lawyers with their cases, doctors with their patients…. Fifth…Watch the SOs…As with most people, some ladies are more naturally outgoing than others. Watch who is supportive and the ladies who have been involved with a Mason the longest. I have seen new brides be great Masonic wives and wanting to be involved and I have seen wives of lifelong Masons who just don’t want to be involved anymore or are too shy to get involved. Six…Be Yourself…if you want to be involved, ask. If you don’t want to be, politely decline but always be respectful. As with any group of people, not all Masons are saints but for the most part they are a good group of guys.

    Lol, one thing I can say…they are always grateful for a lady who helps with Festive Board! Especially on short notice lol!

    This site is great and I hope Masonic Ladies take full advantage of it. You have done a great job!!

  17. Thanks so much for this blog. It’s been interesting reading and extremely helpful. I’ve requested to join your Facebook page. Looking forward to being an active part of the community.

  18. Thank you for your site. It is great, practical, informative and useful on many levels

    Our district grand lodge is looking for ways to engage our ladies and thanks to your good work I have found what we are looking for.

    I plan to recommend your site to all our ladies

  19. Hi, my fiance is interested in becoming a freemason and he wants to find out more about it. Im scared because of that there is stuff that they keep secret from the people that are not freemasons. Im worried that I may not be ok with that, I just know Nothing about it and im not sure how to find the correct information about it to ease some of my worries. Im sorry if this all sounds stupid and I know there is always alot of rumors that go with what freemasons are, im just afraid that he goes and sees what it is about and it turns out to be something completely different to what he thought and what I may not be comfortable with. I hope I didn’t offend you cause that isn’t my intention at all I just dont know what to ask or really know anything about this, and your blog seemed like the first site that gave geniune info and not trying to sell me a book about it.
    Thank you

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