6 thoughts on “The Mason’s Lady News!

  1. I’m trying to be supportive of my husband’s decision to become a Mason. however the one question that continually comes up is, how is keeping secrets from your wife supportive to a healthy marriage? doesn’t it invite insecurity and discord in your marriage? I’m trying to understand, but my husband, because of his obligations, cannot answer my questions ,so I’m left in the dark. I feel like the butt of an inside joke whenever we are around his Mason friends. I’m not even comfortable being around my son and husband at the same time anymore because of all the secrets that are lurking around my house now. Any help to clearing this up would be greatly appreciated.

    • The first thing that you, and possibly your husband need to know is that the only secrets within Masonry are a few words allowing Masons to recognize each other, and some handshakes. Even that you can find with enough Googling. A lot of Masons don’t realize that there are really very few things they can share with others. Unfortunately this tends to not be communicated well. Most any question that you have your husband should be able to answer. There is no reason for you to be uncomfortable around Masons. If you have any questions your husband would not answer for you, I would be happy to answer them myself. If you feel unhappy with Masonry, you need to be sure to communicate this with your husband. There may be a deeper issue. If your husband continues to make you feel uncomfortable, and you have tried to communicate this with him, I would advise to look into some couples counseling.

  2. I don’t want to say I am unhappy with it. I just don’t understand it.I see all these Masonic images of men saying, ‘don’t tell my wife.’ And it just makes me wonder why/what are they hiding from their wives? and how does that promote marriage? It just seems contradictory to what my husband says and the images I see clearly posted. thanks for the info.

    • Masonry does not encourage men to be secretive about what they do or who they are. In fact, Masonry encourages men to put their families before Masonry, because that is far more important. Unfortunately sometimes wires get crossed and people get the wrong idea about what the secrets are, and how they should be acting. I again strongly encourage you to sit down and talk with your husband about this. If you continue to have issues, you may want to try contacting his Worshipful Master.

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