A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife Book Review and Giveaway

I’m going to keep this week’s article short and sweet so we can get to the fun stuff.

Shortly after I started The Mason’s Lady, I found myself quickly grasping at straws to find any information that was about Freemasonry, for specifically for the significant other of a Mason. Let’s just say we won’t be making a “best of” list anytime soon for books in that category. I can’t remember if it was through deep Googling, or someone mentioning it on Reddit, but eventually I stumbled across a book; I ordered it as soon as I saw the title, A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife. I was even lucky enough to find a used copy that was signed by one of the authors.

A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife by Philippa Faulks and Cheryl Skidmore, though made for a UK audience, is a wonderful companion for any Mason’s lady. The first half of the book goes over general information and commonly asked questions about Freemasonry. It’s is in a nice question and answer format, similar to what I do here on occasion. This part of the book covers all of the basics of Masonry, the officers, the uniforms, the accessories, etc, but also offers some insightful advice, such as how much time Masonry actually takes up, and some tips on how you can be accepting of your significant other becoming, or being a Freemason. This section also includes a short Masonic dictionary (at the very front for easy access), as well as some beautiful poems and songs regarding Masonry that I have not seen anywhere else.  The only fault I have with the book, is that some of the information is ordered a little oddly, for instance, not all of the descriptions of the various Lodge officers are in the same chapter, but it does make sense within context; this is also saved by the concise index at the back of the book.

The turning section in the book is the chapter about hosting a Ladies Night, which may happen only in the UK (or only just not in T’s Lodge), which seems to be kind of a Ladies at the table kind of event combined with a fun night and charity event. The second half of the book is sadly (for me at least) very UK/Europe specific. It covers all of the charities that Masons in the area have and donate to, and gives a lengthy description of each, as well as information specific to Masonic wives and widows.It also includes information for all of the appendant Masonic bodies, including women’s and youth groups. contact information for the appendant bodies of Masonry, and the Grand Lodges of the area.


One of the authors of the book, Philippa Faulks, has actually had a really awesome interview pertaining to this book if you want to check it out. It also has some great Masonic information; you can tell she really feels passionate about the subject, and is also very knowledgeable.


Overall, I would say that A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife is a must have for anyone interested in Masonry, whether they are the significant other of a recently joined Mason, or a not so recently joined Mason, or even a Mason himself. It really begs itself for a sequel, perhaps for the wife of the established Mason. This is the kind of book that I hope to write some day for a US audience, and I only hope that it will be half as awesome.

And now for the fun stuff!


Philippa Faulks was actually on the /r/freemasonry subReddit the other day, and I told her that her book, A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife really inspired me and helped me form The Mason’s Lady into what it is today. She and her publisher were kind enough to offer me a couple of signed copies to give away to my readers!

I have two copies of the book to give away. In order to keep it simple, I will ask anyone who may be interested in a copy to comment on this post with either their favorite thing about Freemasonry, or a question that they have about Freemasonry. I will keep the giveaway open until I post next week’s article (usually 9:30pm Central time), and the winners will be randomly chosen using a handy dandy random number generator. Winners will be contacted privately for their contact information. Please only comment once, and do not make multiple accounts in order to add more comments, in order to keep the giveaway fair for everyone.

If you aren’t comfortable with the giveaway, or want to buy directly, you can find it here – but note that because this book comes from the UK, there will be significant shipping charges.

Have a great week!

22 thoughts on “A Handbook for the Freemason’s Wife Book Review and Giveaway

  1. Thank you — I love your blog. You have treated your subjects with delightful poise, thought, and charm. You are a gifted and wonderful writer.

    This handbook is a singular addition to what is out there. I, for example, am following in my late father’s footsteps. He was born in the ’20s, fought in the second world war, joined the masons, raised a family, and observed the limits of his obligations. I found his lodge and was raised 19 years after his death. In all of this, I need to bring my wife of 30 years along for the ride! There is a learning curve…

    Carry on and continue your unique voice! You have much to say, which many of us look forward to hear.

    God bless you.

  2. My lodge in Claremont, CA has a lot of Brits in it, so they do Ladies Night every year. My favorite thing about Freemasonry is the opportunity I get to interact with men of all ages and walks of life. I have bad social anxiety and cannot small talk for the life of me, but these brothers make it so easy. It’s good to have so many best friends, some of which I’ve yet to meet.

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  4. The thing I love most about freemasonry is being apart of a fellowship of men who wish to better themselves and who always hunger for more knowledge.

  5. The thing I love most about Freemasonry is the overall sense of acceptance. Not only are they accepting of their brothers of the lodge, regardless of their differences, I’ve never felt unwelcome at an event or even just in passing. It was amazing to see the support at our baby shower la couple of weeks ago. Everyone is genuinely excited and caring. It’s an awesome thing to be a part of, despite it being very new to me! I’m hoping my son will want to be involved with Freemasonry in the future!

  6. As a Freemason’s girlfriend I think this book will be very intriguing. I didn’t really know much about Freemasonry at all until I met him. I was with him when he became the youngest Worshipful Master of his lodge, and I could see how proud he was; I could not be more proud of him. I love the fraternity, the history, and the pomp and ceremony, but most of all I love how a great guy has become a wonderful man through his time in the Craft.

  7. My gentleman friend is a freemason, and what I like more about freemasonry is how open and friendly he and all the members of his lodge are. Everyone I have met so far, from the brothers to their spouses or significant others, have been most kind and made me feel so welcome. I’m still new to this road, but I’m enjoying the journey so far!

  8. I found your blog when considering joining the Order of the Eastern Star in NY. My Grandfather was a Mason, but I heard very little other than the charitable projects he worked on. Years after his passing, I joined the OES. Your blog has been so candid and enjoyable to read.

    My favorite thing about Freemasonry is how sweet and caring the group is as a whole. I have noticed when someone is called a brother it’s not just a title. They mean it. I find that to be beautiful. When I joined the Eastern Star, I felt like I found another family. I’d love to share this book with my local chapter.

  9. This was a great post. I have been reading your blog for a while now. My significant other is having his initiaton tonight for his 1st degree! I’m so happy for him my Mason is an entered apprentice. SO funny that you mention the amount of time it will take up. I’m realizing it’s 10pm and 4+ hours have gone by. Thanks to your blog, I’ve tried my best to mentally prepare myself and had a talk with him before this. I also took your suggestion about the OES, but want to give my Mason time. My grandfather was a master mason and a knight of Columbus. So I can join. I’m 28 so I’m a little worried about what to expect or about beginning the proccess. If you have copies available I’D LOVE ONE. If not I’m sure I could find one online as well. Thanks for all the information you give here. =)it gives so much comfort and information..along with a few laughs. ( I totally related to your post about being able to put on a gown for any eventd because I am a little bit tomboy myself and I look forward to participating as well) thanks again!

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  11. I am a Freemason and keen to learn more – about women in Freemasonry, about women supporting their husbands in Freemasonry, about the problems caused for women by husbands… in freemasonry. Yet there are so few texts, so few offerings. Thus I hope that your text becomes a land mark and a guide to others on so many levels.

  12. MY friend and I are working on a handbook for Grand Lodge line officers wife’s book. Your book would be a big help. Grand Lodge is a little different everywhere, so we are trying to be specific to our state. Any thoughts?

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