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This week I am going to keep it short and sweet. On Wednesday, I received my book, packet, and first quiz for the Master Craftsman program. The Master Craftsman program is a mail correspondence course put on by  the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about what goes on in all of the degrees of the Scottish Rite, and get a lapel pin and nifty title after learning a ton, this is your chance. What’s different about this program? Anyone can take it. You don’t have to be a Mason, or even involved in Masonry in any way in order to take the course. That’s obviously my favorite part about the entire thing.

It costs about $50 (with shipping), for that you get the massive Scottish Rite Ritual, Monitor & Guide, the first quiz, and a folder to keep all of your papers in. The idea is that all of the quizzes are open book and open note – I plan on doing it kind of as I go. There are six quizzes for the Master Craftsman I, which covers parts of the Scottish Rite Ritual, Montior & Guide, as well as the book A Bridge to Light, which is unfortunately not included in the initial cost (its an additional $25, though I believe there are also ebook versions). When you finish Part I, you can get Master Craftsman II, which goes back over everything touched on in Part I, and explores the rituals on a deeper level. There are nine quizzes for Part II. If you would like to just learn about the Blue Lodge (the first three, Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason) degrees, Master Craftsman III does not require the completion of Parts I and II (although you must complete Part I to get Part II). Part III consists of seven quizzes. After completion of Parts II and III, you will receive a nifty lapel pin, a certificate, and can demand everyone refers to you as Master Craftsman.

Of course, as with any mail correspondence course, the completion rate is very low. I hope to have my Part I done in a year, I believe that the average is around three to five years. The Scottish Rite Ritual, Monitor & Guide is a bit intimidating, as it is over two inches thick (and looks more like five). If you think that doing this program would interest you, or someone you know, or if you want to help your local conspiracy theorist get their facts straight, I would highly recommend this program to anyone. As I said before, anyone can participate in this program, there are no restrictions on age, gender, or religious status. That being said, I would not recommend it to a new Mason who has not yet taken the Scottish Rite or Blue Lodge degrees. It is however, perfect for the Mason’s Lady.

You can purchase the Master Craftsman program on the Scottish Rite website here. I will be updating my thoughts about the program every so often as I progress through it. I hope that many of you seek this out, and join me in this journey. As always, have a great week!

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  2. I was told about the course from the Instructor during my Scottish Rite Reunion. He was utilizing the massive tome and we wondered how to get it. He told us to get the course and also told us about MCIII. So, I purchased both MCI and III, because you don’t need to have completed MCI to do III. I actually started with MCIII, because some of my Reunion classmates are starting a study group for MCI. MCIII requires the Scottish Rite Ritual, Monitor & Guide to complete at least the first quiz, but I found that the reading overlapped with the first module of MCI. I’ve recommended for people to get both and do III first, send it in, then do I, send it in, and then you’ll have the next III in the mail to complete. Just food for thought. Good luck on the class!

  3. Hello The Mason ‘s Lady ,
    I’m surprised : lessons in a book for the Scottish Rite ? What do the lodge ? We use books. These are our brothers and sisters older who teach us the method in meetings ( one per month for 2 to 3 years). We call it : the transmission.

    Good day!

  4. I had delayed the path to the Scottish Rite because of officer obligations to the my Lodge, York Rite Bodies and Appenadant Bodies. There is a program named, The Companion Adept of the Temple, officiated by the York Rite Sovereign College that only 56 worldwide had completed successfully. I had completed this program in Nov 2014 within 8 months this return mailing/correction was very slow. I joined the Scottish Rite A&ASR SJ in the end of Oct 2014 and ordered the Master Craftsman program online that Saturday night after the reunion. I had completed the Master Craftsman 1 program in 4 1/2 months. This program is elementarily simple multi choice and assists with bite size pieces of Scottish Rite ideas. I had not understood then about being able to enroll in both Master Craftsman 2 & 3. After completion of Master Craftsman 1, I enrolled in both Master Craftsman 2 & 3 in which I totally recommend anyone to do so. The Master Craftsman 2 program is difficult since there is much involved with the 500-1000 word essays on 4-32 Scottish Rite degrees and up to 40 multi choice too. I am currently on the 7 quiz of Master Craftsman 2! It is tough!! Basically a small book every quiz! The Master Craftsman 3 program I had completed in 4 1/2 months with no issues. This was the best program of all in which every Masonic Brethren should enroll no matter if Scottish Rite or not. I will complete the entire Scottish Rite Master Craftsman Program in 10 months of being a Scottish Rite Mason. I am not a studious type and most syke themselves out about the reading and essays. I enjoy reading and this program is another piece of the historical Masonic puzzle.There is no modes of Masonic recognition thru any of these references of this program, basically can’t fake because enrollment in this program. I had discussed with the Brethern about enrolling spouses as to have a basic understanding about Masonic Scottish Rite open ideas. As a Scottish Rite Mason I am glad you are participating and modivating others to enroll in this program. The joint experience of the Scottish Rite Reunion with completion of Scottish Rite Master Craftsman program is a excellent path for all Masonic Brethren on the path of further light too!

      • Thank you for the reply! Unfortunately,To my understanding that The Companion Adept of the Temple Program is only offered to The York Rite Companions/Sir Knights under the jurisdiction of the General Grand Chapter, General Grand Council and Grand Encampment of the U.S.A. by enrollment through the Sovereign College but check because you never know. It’s a shame that most York Rite Companions/Sir Knights and Sovereign York Rite College members are not aware nor have interests. As I always promote Masonic historical education to Brethren or Anyone that might have a interest of course within bounds of my Masonic Obligations. There are five exams that focused on the ritualistic, philosophical, and esoteric teachings of the York Rite similar to the Scottish Rite Master Craftsman 2. This is a very in-dept and difficult program that was a challenge for me to complete as I stated that only 56 world wide done successfully.

        Contact info: York Rite Sovereign College, 500 Temple Ave., Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 833-1385

        Link for enrollment form:

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