The Newly Launched SRNMJ Masonic Shop

Hello again from The Mason’s Lady! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful 2018, and has a very Happy New Year. Things have been a bit crazy on our end, I switched jobs, and went from day shift, to nights, which has not left a lot of time for Masonic activities. I’ve been on days for the last month, and hopefully will stay there. T became the chapter dad for a fledgling DeMolay chapter in our state. Right now we only have about four boys, but they all come on a consistent basis, and they seem to enjoy themselves; we really let them run the group as much as possible. Hopefully 2019 brings us many more opportunities for Masonic activities, which, of course, means more information for you, my dear readers.

 I’m writing this post because the Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction recently launched their new online store! If you are unaware, they actually did a complete rehaul of their whole website fairly recently, and I got to write a guest post for them (which you can read here!) earlier in the year.

A more recent addition to their new website, the new store is pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. The new store has a fairly large variety of the products that they carry. All kinds of Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge luggage, cups, umbrellas, even one of those little sliding puzzles you might find in your stocking.


In my opinion, where the store really shines is clothing. For instance, they have seven different polo manufacter’s, with six different embroidery options, both Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge options, and 15 (ish) different color options. I think it would be amazing to ditch the dress shirts and ties for a year, and buy matching polos for Lodge officers. So much easier!


One of the things that they carry that makes me super happy – women’s clothing! Actually cute, women’s fitted shirts, and also a variety of styles of hoodies too! I’ve got my eye on those heathered zip ups. I won’t like, I’m a little sad that there’s no women’s shirts with the square and compass, but maybe in the future?  (hint, hint, wink, wink). They even have the common “Scottish Rite Ladies” logo with the roses in the background, which is a beautiful nod to Mason’s Ladies. They also have great onesies that say “Future Freemason”, and a variety of youth shirts as well. The best part – all t-shirts and hoodies are on sale, 10% off, through the end of the year!


One thing that I think we can all appreciate is that all of the proceeds of the shop support the Scottish Rite Benevolent Foundation. I had to look into this a bit, but the Benevolent Foundation is the umbrella foundation for the four fundraising charities: Children’s Dyslexia Centers Inc., Scottish Rite Masonic Museum and Library, Scottish Rite Almoner’s Fund, and the Leon Scholarship fund. You get cool swag while supporting Scottish Rite charities, definitely a win-win.


Definitely be sure to check out the Northern Jurisdiction’s new store, you can do that here. It might be too late to be here before Christmas (unless you find something you really need), but their sales last until 2019, (ending 12/31/2018), so you’ve still got some time.


Again, I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season, and a very Happy New Year. I hope that 2019 brings you many joys, and hopefully more posts from The Mason’s Lady! As always, if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact here or email me at


This blog post is sponsored by the Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction.

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