Happy Holidays!

No article this week folks.

I hope everyone is able to have a wonderful winter holiday with their families!

I will also be adding one more vendor to last week’s article, PinWorld. They are another mass market retailer with a lot of goodies, so check them out!

Welcome Brethren, Ladies, and Honoured Guests!

After a few glasses of single malt scotch last night, I decided I needed to add a new project to my life, (because I obviously do not have enough going on right now!); somewhere I can really digest all of the goings on, vent when needed, and of course, let other ladies, especially those my age, know that they are not alone in this crazy world of Freemasonry. I know you have a few questions. 🙂

Who are you anyway?

I actually contemplated not giving it all away. However, I would like to be as open and honest with all of my brothers and sisters (an potential brothers and sisters) as much as possible. My name is Michala, I live in Omaha,NE with my boyfriend T (who doesn’t know about this project yet).

What do you know about Freemasonry?

To be honest, not a ton. T and I met about two and a half years ago, and when I found out he was a mason, I started learning about it. I would like to think I know more than someone off the street, but always have a lot to learn, and will never know as much as a brother does, such are the joys of being a mason’s lady.

What are your credentials?

T is the one who really got me started on all of this. A good deal of my knowledge comes from him, his family, and the friends I have made along the way. I joined the Order of the Eastern Star this last year. T is currently the Master of his lodge, and so far it has been a wonderful, though occasionally stressful experience. T is also a member of York and Scottish Rite, as well as an advisor for Demolay (which I hope to be doing myself soon). He will also be joining the Shrine this year.

Why should I read what you have to say?

Short answer- you don’t. However, to my knowledge, there are no blogs about Freemasonry from the woman’s perspective, and there’s not a ton by Master Masons themselves. I hope to share all aspects of how Freemasonry has touched and been integrated into both of our lives, and the joys, friendship, and yes, worries it can bring.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here! Be on the lookout for part 1 of my Grand Lodge report.